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Elton Info

Welcome to the RM of Elton!

Vision Statement: The vision for the RM of Elton is to provide a desirable and safe community for residents and businesses by enhancing amenities, growing the population, using sustainable practices and being fiscally responsible.

Burning Ban – Currently in effect..

The Council of the RM of Elton has implemented a Burning Ban.

During this time no burning is permitted within Elton including fire pits, burning barrels and fireworks.

Effective immediately – August 9, 2018

And will remain in effect until further notice.

During a Burning Ban enacted by Elton, NO BURNING IS PERMITTED.  This includes small accumulations of straw or any other items that are exempted under the Manitoba Controlled Crop Residue Burning Program.  A Municipal Burning Ban supersedes the Manitoba Controlled Crop Residue Burning Program guidelines.

Elton Council hereby advises that, for any future Burning Ban, fines and costs will be issued immediately for any burning in contravention of a Burning Ban.

Elton By-Law No. 1455 Prevention and Control of Wildland Fires can be reviewed at www.elton.ca under Government a Policies & By-Laws a By-Laws.

Manitoba Control Crop Residue Burning Program information can be found at https://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/crops/crop-residue-burning-program/index.html.

General facts from The Wildfires Act are included below.  Please note that this is a summary only.  For full details, the reader should refer to The Wildfires Act of Manitoba at http://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/w128e.php.


Utility eNotices:

There was an insert in July’s waterbills which asked everybody if they wanted eNotices (waterbills sent to your email address) instead of a paper copy. Yesterday, at the Council meeting it was decided that if there was not a 50% participation rate we would not be proceeding. If you have not responded yet and feel like you want the eNotices instead please send an email to info@elton.ca


Did You Know – The Wildfires Act

Fire Guardian – means a person appointed as a fire guardian by the municipality.

Officer – means a Fire Commissioner, RCMP, Park Warden, etc including a fire guardian.

Officers Powers (for the purpose of wildfire protection)

  1. May without a warrant enter on or pass over any land, or enter any premises, vehicle or machinery which is on fire, or has reasonable grounds to believe is threatened by fire.
  2. Finds conditions that in his or her opinion constitute a fire hazard, may issue an order to the owner, occupant, lessee or person in charge of the land, premises, vehicle or machinery on which the fire hazard exists, to reduce or remove the fire hazard at his or her own expense within a fixed time period.
  3. If the above has not complied with the order the officer may enter on the land, premises, vehicle or machinery with any equipment that the officer seems necessary to reduce or remove the fire hazard.
  4. An officer may signal or request a person driving a vehicle or machinery to stop as long as the officer considers necessary.
  5. An officer may order that a highway or road be closed at any time in order to protect life or property or to facilitate wildfire protection operations.
  6. An officer may order any able-bodied adult located in the vicinity of a wildfire to assist in wildfire protection operations when sufficient numbers of firefighters or volunteers are not available.
  7. An officer may order any person who owns, operates or has control of equipment to release it to an officer for the purpose of wildfire protection operations.
  8. An officer may order any person to extinguish a fire, cause a fire to be extinguished, or undertake wildfire protection operations at any time on any land in Manitoba.
  9. An officer may place a person who is not an officer in charge of a wildfire protection operation.
  10. An officer may appoint a person to act as a temporary fire guardian to assist in wildfire protection operations.


  1. No person shall impede wildfire protection operations.
  2. No person shall on any land start a fire when weather conditions are conductive to a fire burning out of control.
  3. Leave the place where he or she caused a fire to be started without ensuring that the fire is out.

Protection of Municipalities:  Nothing in this Act imposes an obligation on a municipality to pay compensation for loss or damage as a result of wildfire protection operations.

Railways: Where a fire originates within 100 metres of the centre line of a railway track, the railway

  1. Is presumed to have caused the fire unless satisfactory proof to the contrary is provided to the department;
  2. Shall immediately
    1. Attempt to extinguish the fire, and
    2. Report the fire to an officer; and
  3. Is liable for all costs and expenses of extinguishing the fire incurred by the Crown or a municipality that constitute a debt due to the Crown or municipality.

Cost Recovery:  Where the Crown or Municipality incurs costs, expenses, loss or damage as a result of

  1. Wildfire protection operations
  2. Enforcing an officer’s order which was not obeyed; or
  3. Fire loss:

The Crown or the municipality is entitled to be reimbursed by the person who caused the Crown or the Municipality to incur costs, expenses, loss or damage, and the amount of costs, expenses, loss or damage is a debt due and owing to the Crown or the municipality.

This is a summary. For more information on The Wildfires Act, please visit: http://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/w128e.php.